Monday, 5 October 2009

Sardar Funny Jokes

Sardar at Library
How come this book has only characters without stories.?
Oh, you are the one who took the telephone directory.

Sardar at Hotel
Gust: Wha is this..?
Sardar: "Milk sleeping in the night morning becomes tight"

Sardar ATM Joke2
Sardar1: I have seen Your ATM cards password. it is *****
Sardar2: You have mistaken. My Pasword is 12345..

Sardar ATM Joke
A Poor Sardar beging the ATM Michen... Please can you lend me Rs 1000, I will return it to you day after tomorrow, Ineed it. Please help me out, I know you have it.

Curtains Shop
Can I have curtains for my computer..? I bought windows for my computer.

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